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Open an account
No hidden fees or charges
Easy refunds and reversals,
at the touch of a button.

Say goodbye to failed transactions and unreversed debits. Manage and
monitor refunds on failed transactions within the app.

Get more for less at any Moniepoint merchant

Pay seamlessly at any Moniepoint business for free. All the speed, all the reliability, at 0 costs.

Transfer to Moniepoint or other bank users

Activate your card from within your app. If it ever goes missing, No worries. Deactivate your card in-app without hassles.

Pay bills, Buy airtime and data

Buy electricity units, pay utilities, renew your data subscription. We can’t stop the bills from coming, but we can make paying them as easy as possible.


What bills can I pay with the Moniepoint app?

With the Moniepoint app, you can pay your electricity bill , waste bill , internet bill, streaming service and more.

Is it possible to set up automatic bill payments?

Yes, you can schedule automatic bill payments in advance through the Moniepoint app.

Can I purchase data and airtime for my mobile phone?

Yes, you can buy data or airtime for yourself or any other person through the mobile app.

Are there any transaction fees associated with paying bills on the Moniepoint app?

There is no extra transaction fee associated with paying your bills using the Moniepoint app.

How quickly are payments processed?

Payments are processed immediately through the Moniepoint app.

Can I view my payment history and transaction receipts through your platform for record-keeping purposes?

Yes, you can view your payment history and access transaction history through the Moniepoint app or your online account. This feature is useful for record-keeping and tracking your financial transactions.

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