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Our Culture

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Our Values

At Moniepoint, our core values guide the work we do to power the dreams of millions.

  • Grit

    “I can’t’, “It’s Impossible”. These words don’t exist in our dictionaries. It doesn't matter what the task is, we never give up

  • Customer Empathy
    Customer Empathy

    We put ourselves in people’s shoes. There is no other way to truly understand how they feel and how to help them.

  • Candour

    In all we do, honesty and openness come through. We empower our people to always speak up and be heard.

  • Technical Depth
    Technical Depth

    We believe that every employee should have a solid understanding of what he or she does at Moniepoint, regardless of the role.

  • No Ego
    No Ego

    We prioritise getting the job done over our ego. Everyone is a DreamMaker, irrespective of their level in the organisation, and every voice matters.

  • Integrity

    We adhere to all professional standards as we power business dreams. We always give our best shot, but never at the expense of our integrity.

Behind the scenes with DreamMakers.

What if you had a chance to spill it all with your boss and ask them all the questions you could never bring up?

Between laughs and down to earth moments, watch DreamMakers talk about the work they do, while having the best time.

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How the magic happens

We see ourselves as the best team to ever do it. Everyday is like a game and we play to win. Always.

  • We go for the best and nothing less

    Every member of our team is a master at what they do. We put in a 100% and give our best shot at all times. From veterans to interns and raw talents, everyone does their best work at Moniepoint.

  • We play as one

    We think like one, play like one and ball like one - on and off the pitch. We love to win, but not at the expense of another teammate’s dreams

  • We see humans, not titles

    Everyone is an extension of our team and that’s all we see. You qualify because you have the talent and that’s all that matters to us. Our flat organisational structure makes it easy for anyone, to reach out to anyone, as we put all hands on deck to make things happen.

  • We treat one another with respect

    Our golden rule is to address others how you’d love to be addressed. Our structure is flat and everyone has access to everyone. Cool, right?

  • We celebrate every move

    Just got your dream pet? Found the shoes you’ve been looking for? Built a system that helped us hit our quarterly target in a month? We celebrate every win you have like it’s a win for all of us, because it is.

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