POS (Point of Sale ) Terminal

Register today and begin accepting card and transfer payments with the Moniepoint POS terminal.

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How to get your POS

Step One

Create a business account and log in

Provide the required information and a business account will be created for you instantly. Once done, login to your business dashboard and click on the POS menu.

Step Two

Request a new POS

Click on the Add a new POS button and follow the instructions

Step Three

Fund your account and pay for the terminal

Fund your newly created Business Account with a minimum of ₦21,500 for the POS Terminal and complete the request. The ₦21,500 covers a ₦10,000 caution fee, ₦10,000 logistics fee, and ₦1,500 insurance fee for 1 year.

Step Four

Get your POS delivered within 48 hours

You will be instantly assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager from Moniepoint. The Relationship Manager will deliver the POS terminal to you within 48 hours, train you on how to use the terminal and answer any questions you may have.

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Why 9 out of 10 businesses in Nigeria choose Moniepoint

POS Terminal
Secure payments that protect you and your customers
Easy-to-use operating system
Instant dispute resolution whenever you need it
Compatible with all cards
Long-lasting battery
Accepts card and transfer payments
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POS Terminal

Accept Transfers on Your POS

You can now collect payments from your customers via transfer.

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How much do I pay to get a Moniepoint POS Terminal?
To get the Moniepoint POS, you pay N21,500.
How long does it take to get a Moniepoint POS terminal?
After you make a request, you can get the Moniepoint POS terminal within 48hrs.
What cards can I accept on my Moniepoint POS terminal?
Your POS terminal is compatible with all cards.
Can I accept transfers with my Moniepoint POS terminal?
Yes, you can.
Do I need special training to use the Moniepoint POS terminal?
No, but you can always contact our customer support if you have any questions.
Can I get more than one Moniepoint POS terminal for my business?
Yes, we provide multiple terminals for large businesses.
Who can I ask questions about my Moniepoint POS terminal?
Our wonderful customer support team members are always there for you.
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