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April 11, 2023

5 mins read

This is not just the usual corporate write-up about culture. I promise.

by Victory Okoyomoh

A brief but detailed intro to Moniepoint’s 4Ms framework.

It’s the 21st century, and let’s face it, work isn’t anything like it used to be. Now we’re all about a healthy work culture while maximising productivity, and for a good reason. The world is evolving, and we should too.

The thing, though, is that striking that balance can be a little tricky. And although many companies claim they’ve done it, they’re often unwilling to talk about the how. So ultimately, it’s much like the Lochness monster. You don’t know what it is for sure, but you’ve heard rumours of its existence.

For anyone looking to join our team, however, we’ve decided to make this as lucid as possible. If we say we’re creating the best place to work, as well as ensuring you’re able to give your best, how exactly are we doing that?

Well, meet the 4Ms framework.

The “M”, as I’m sure is obvious, is from “Moniepoint”, but each of the 4Ms stands for a distinct way we approach giving everyone who’s a part of Moniepoint a wholesome experience. Here’s a breakdown;

M for Meaning

No one really likes working. I mean, think about it. No one sets out at the beginning of their life with the decision to spend hours stuck in front of a computer, click-clacking away. What we all can relate to, though, is making some difference in the world.

Whether or not you like “working”, you want to leave some impact on the world. You, and I, want to feel like the things we do are making a difference out there. And that’s the first thing we think about too when defining the ideal workplace.

Here’s some context. Last year, we powered 592,677 businesses across industries like Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Non-Profits, and so much more. Often, we’d get messages from people whose lives have been changed by what we do, and everyone on our team gets to say, “Hey! I did that!”.

Here’s someone on our team sharing what that feels like;

M for Membership

Let’s put this out there - we are not a family. I mean, it’s a cool concept, and I get why it’s common to refer to your workplace as a family, but family is different. I could decide to stop talking to my family, and they would still love me (probably. I’m not so sure). But that’s not healthy, and that’s not the kind of workplace we’re creating either. Instead, we think of ourselves as a team, in every sense of the word.

See, on a team, everyone has a role. And playing that role makes the team complete. When we win, we do so knowing that everyone made a contribution. We worked together to make this happen, and we celebrate as such. 

On a team, no one is less important than the other. The goalkeeper is just as important as the striker, and the defenders have to connect with the midfielders to make it all work. I hope you get the football references.

But if you still don't believe me, believe Waqas.

M for Mastery

To put this simply (and a little informally), everyone here knows their *bleep*. And that’s what you want. Life is a lot easier when you know you can count on the next person to put in a hundred percent, and that’s what we always do.

Much of what we do at Moniepoint revolves around creating solutions for emerging markets, that have either not been previously available, or were inaccessible to those who needed them. This means that we’re doing a lot of groundbreaking work, and don’t plan on ever giving up. We’re innovating cool stuff like POS transfers and working with kick-ass design systems.

It’s a lot, and that’s what makes it worth it. It leaves everyone feeling like genuine badasses (is “badass” still cool to say?). From engineering to legal, marketing to design, everyone on the team is a master at their game. And we think like minds belong together, don’t you?

Well, even if you don’t, Kemi thinks so;

M for Money

I’ll be straight with you; everything I’ve written above is just fancy English if you’re not getting paid what you’re worth. And companies tend to dance around this bit a lot. “It’s not about the money”, is something you probably might’ve heard often enough. But, we still need to pay them bills though, don’t we?

We understand the importance of not just getting paid what you’re worth, but also enjoying pretty awesome perks. I mean, what better completes the experience of doing meaningful work, being on a team where you fit right in, and working with people at the top of their game in the industry, than getting paid what you deserve? The only thing that sounds better is a pyramid scheme (but we don’t do that here).

Of course, you don’t have to believe anything I’ve written. Tolu not only talks about this, but he also goes further to tie everything in.

So what’s it to you?

Well, you tell me. I’ve laid it bare for you, and you’ve got additional evidence from members of our team. Think where you currently work has a better framework for creating an ideal workplace? Then send me a mail here. Otherwise, visit to join us. Bonus points if you talk about our 4Ms in your cover letter.

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