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April 29, 2024

5 mins read

RIPPLES: How Oluwatosin helps prevent business losses as a POS Technician

by Chidinma Enemanna

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Do POS terminals last forever? What happens when you drop one or its screen glitches? Does that even happen? This question has been ringing in my head for some months, and I decided to chat with Tosin Solarin, a POS technician at Moniepoint, about his role and how it impacts the larger picture at Moniepoint.

Tosin Solarin describes his role as being a community hero in disguise. He provides tools and support to business owners to keep their transactions smooth and make their customers happy. As Tosin puts it, ‘Every transaction is a chance to help someone grow their dream'. Join me as we learn more about Tosin Solarin and his role as a POS technician at Moniepoint. 

Hi Tosin. What was your dream job while growing up? 

Growing up, my dream was always to become an engineer. I pursued this passion by studying electrical and electronic engineering, which aligns closely with what I do now. Originally, I envisioned myself in the oil sector, but life took a different turn. Although I didn't anticipate working as a POS technician, I'm fulfilling my goal of being an engineer, just in an unexpected way.

That’s great! How did you get started as a POS technician?

My interest in electronics began during my university days. After graduation, I took on various jobs outside of engineering but didn’t find the fulfilment I was seeking. In 2020, a friend introduced me to the possibility of working in fintech as a POS technician, highlighting the sector's rapid advancement and the innovative nature of POS technology. This resonated with my passion for electronics and the industry's dynamic nature. 

I soon found myself learning more about POS devices, their functionality, and how to support customers using these systems. My journey led me through several fintech companies, and in 2023, I joined Moniepoint. I was drawn to Moniepoint because of its promising prospects and a more supportive policy environment than my previous positions.

How satisfied do you feel working in your current role?

I find great satisfaction in solving problems and making people happy, which is a big part of my job. As a POS technician at Moniepoint, I primarily work within our team, but I also have direct interactions with business owners. 

It’s incredibly fulfilling to resolve their issues with POS devices. Being part of a team that actively resolves issues for around 20,000 faulty terminals, I truly feel I’m making a difference and contributing to our collective goal of problem-solving.


How would you say your role as a POS technician impacts both businesses and the broader society? 

My role is crucial in supporting business owners by ensuring their POS machines function correctly. When a POS device malfunctions, it comes to me through a chain that starts with the business owners and moves through business relationship managers. 

As the final end of this chain, I handle both software and hardware issues that might arise with these devices. By keeping these machines running smoothly, I help business owners avoid revenue losses, which is vital not only for their success but also for the economic health of the community. 

In the bigger picture, I act as the glue that holds things together, powering the dreams of business owners and, by extension, supporting the broader economy. 


Does security come to play in your role? What steps do you take to ensure the security and integrity of POS devices? 

To combat security breaches, we conduct ongoing sensitisation programs with state coordinators, who then relay critical security information to business owners. Many owners aren't fully aware of the security features of their POS devices. 

For instance, our POS devices are designed to signal tampering. If a specific component is dislodged, the device will indicate it has been tampered with, and only an authorised technician can reset this alert. 

We've also implemented a new measure after repairing a device, by placnig a security sticker on it. If a device returns to us with this sticker tampered with or removed, we know it’s been handled by an unauthorised person. 

We continue to refine our strategies to ensure security. We strongly advocate that business owners bring their terminals directly to us for any issues rather than relying on unqualified roadside engineers, which often results in ineffective repairs and wasted time.

If you weren't a POS technician, what other career might you have pursued?

I am interested in various other engineering fields, particularly data engineering and software engineering. I've already begun taking courses in data engineering, and if I weren't a POS technician, I would love to pursue a career as a data engineer. The world is constantly evolving, and it's important to expand my skills and adapt to new technological advancements.

Just for fun, if you could switch roles with anyone at Moniepoint, who would it be?

I’d choose Habib, our data engineer! His role aligns closely with my interests, especially since I'm also passionate about data engineering.

I knew it! Thank you so much, Tosin. I enjoyed speaking with you.

Think you can make an impact on the broader society with your role? Explore our open roles and join us today.

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