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April 02, 2024

7 mins read

Improving the working experience at Moniepoint through learning and development

by Gabriel Balogun

From being the only one on the team when I first joined to now leading a team of 6, what a ride it has been! As I reflect on my journey with Moniepoint, I realise that the path of learning and development is about imparting knowledge and helping others find their best selves. Wondering how I got started with Moniepoint and the Learning and Development team? Let me share my story. 

My professional genesis


My passion for learning and development started during my university years, and has, over the past decade, evolved from academic roles to spearheading learning initiatives in several organisations. Before Moniepoint, I was an academic director at Utiva and played pivotal roles at [AI] Analytics Intelligence and Triciabiz, among others. These roles and experiences honed my program management and learning operations skills, setting the stage for my next big leap. 

Interestingly, I wasn’t actively applying for a job when Moniepoint contacted me.  But it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, and I started with the team on the 21st of March, 2022. Known as TeamApt at the time, the company had already made significant strides in digitising payments for banks—a testament to its innovative spirit. What stood out to me wasn't just the role itself but the company's flexibility, openness to growth, and the chance to work alongside global minds. It was a perfect match for my aspirations and my personal mission to bring about change through learning.

Joining Moniepoint, I was faced with the challenge of creating a Learning and Development (L&D) framework from scratch. My objective was clear: to empower the workforce with the knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to deliver their responsibilities. Drawing from my extensive experience in educational program management, instructional design, and technology, I identified three core elements essential for any learning initiative's success: technology, content, and people.

Laying the L & D foundations

The first challenge was to create a learning and development framework for a team that was rapidly evolving - the offline distribution team (also known as the offline sales team).  I had to deeply understand my "customers" – the employees. Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach with off-the-shelf learning platforms, I applied a product management lens to this task. This approach allowed me to understand the unique learning preferences and constraints of a team that was always on the move.

The end result? A custom learning platform designed to continuously upskill our distribution team without disrupting their work schedules. This wasn't only about getting the technology right; it required creating content that was engaging, accessible, and, most importantly, integrated into the team’s daily operations. 

It was designed so that all they had to do was log into their CRM tool, and it would show them the courses they were supposed to learn for the week. With a click, they could access the courses and complete the required module for the week. This straightforward method ensured they never had to go to another place to learn. 


Overcoming challenges

My next task was to build a Learning and Development (L&D) team from the ground up within a dynamic and rapidly evolving company like Moniepoint. Soon, I realised that I couldn’t handle it alone, so I hired more people to join the team. Today, the learning and development team has learning specialists, a content manager, and a creative designer. 

Another significant challenge was integrating our internal learning management system (LMS) with existing management systems. This integration was crucial for creating a seamless learning experience that aligned with the Moniepoint team's daily workflows. The challenge here was balancing my project timeline with the engineering team's availability. 

In facing these challenges, I dedicated considerable effort to deepen my understanding of Moniepoint's customers and the industry at large. In retrospect, this period of waiting and apparent inactivity was a strategic investment. It allowed me to gain insights into our team's specific needs and challenges, which made the latter L&D initiatives more targeted and impactful. This deep dive into customer and industry understanding ensured that we were better positioned to create and implement solutions that resonated deeply with our audience when the SMEs and engineering support became available.

Looking back, it's clear that these early challenges were not merely obstacles but stepping stones that enabled me to build a robust, impactful L&D framework that continues to drive Moniepoint forward.

Matching up with the evolving landscape

As Moniepoint continued to evolve, it was evident that we had to adapt and refine our Learning and Development (L&D) strategies to meet the company's shifting needs. Our metrics of success centre on adoption, engagement, and retention. Our approach focuses on treating learning initiatives as products, with distinct goals aimed at maximising our success metrics.

At the core of any L&D initiative we set up, are the Functional, Adoption, Onboarding and Growth features. The functional features ensure that every learning initiative we launch has a clear and tangible value to our employees. Adoption features ensure that there are no barriers, and every team member finds it easy to engage with learning content.  Once a team member decides to engage with an L&D initiative, the Onboarding features come into play. These features ensure learners feel supported and understand how to navigate the learning environment effectively.  Finally, we use Growth features to keep our L&D programs relevant and valuable over time. These features are designed to evolve with the learner, offering advanced content, new challenges, and opportunities for further development as they progress. 

Successfully implementing these strategies relies heavily on the right mix of technology, content, and people. The technology we choose must support the functional, adoption, onboarding, and growth features of our L&D programs, offering a seamless and accessible learning experience. The content must be relevant, engaging, and aligned with our team's needs, while the people driving these initiatives—whether L&D professionals, subject matter experts, or managers—must be committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Our recent initiatives 

As Moniepoint grew, so did the scope of our learning initiatives. From focusing solely on the sales team, we expanded to encompass the entire organisation. This expansion was not just in breadth but depth, with our team creating specialised programs and courses tailored to various departmental needs.

By engaging directly with team managers, directors, and vice presidents, we identified critical skills and knowledge areas that could significantly enhance the performance of various teams. This led to the rapid development of courses to meet these identified needs. We also subscribed to e-learning platforms like Udemy Business and Google Cloud Skill Boost to improve learning across the company. 

Looking ahead


Our next steps include scaling our initiatives, enhancing our metrics, and, most importantly, continuing to light the path for our team to grow, innovate, and excel. The journey so far has been incredibly rewarding, and I'm excited for what lies ahead. Together, we're not just navigating the learning curve; we're redefining it.

Stepping into the role of leading and building the Learning and Development (L&D) team at Moniepoint has been a journey marked by challenges and triumphs. This role, unlike any other I've assumed before, has had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth. It has pushed me to confront my vulnerabilities, be open to learning on the fly, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. These experiences have taught me the value of grit and the strength that lies in vulnerability. 

Professionally, the journey has been a catalyst for tremendous growth. This has not only stretched my capabilities but also refined them. It compelled me to innovate, adapt, and apply a broad spectrum of skills ranging from product management to strategic planning and team leadership. It has also deepened my understanding of how to effectively manage and inspire a team towards achieving shared goals, even in the face of uncertainty and change.

Moniepoint has moulded me into a better version of myself, and you can enjoy this character development, too. Visit our careers page now—there’s a role for you!

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