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May 31, 2024

4 mins read

#WhatIDo: A day in the life of an Integration Support Engineer

by Seye Folajimi

A few months ago, I led an integration project with a Telco, enabling seamless payment transactions through our POS terminals.

This partnership allows Telco customers to make deposits and withdrawals effortlessly.

Through this integration, the telco can receive payments and process customer withdrawals via Moniepoint POS Terminal.


Leading that Integration with my Manager was so exciting for me! It meant that their customers could go to the Moniepoint POS terminal to deposit cash. They could just provide their unique reference with the telco, usually their phone number, and then pay the amount they want to deposit. The money would then be deposited to their account instantaneously.

If that sounds exciting, you might be interested in joining my team at Moniepoint. Keep reading to learn more about what I do.

Being an integration support engineer 

As an integration engineer at Moniepoint in the Monnify team, I work very closely with our clients and partners on the Monnify side of the company to understand their requirements, develop and implement integration solutions, and sometimes create new adjacent solutions for the merchant's use-case scenario.

These solutions are mainly offline payments, like offline collections, for example. With that solution, a Monnify merchant can receive payments from a Moniepoint POS. So people can go to a POS and deposit to you or withdraw using Monnify.

We are focused on driving the adoption of payment collection via POS for people who own Monnify accounts. So, my work plays a crucial role in the seamless connection and interaction of systems, software, and technologies between the Monnify solution and Moniepoint.

I work with our clients to understand their ongoing support needs and ensure everything runs smoothly. My day-to-day tasks involve coding, testing integrations, troubleshooting issues, jumping on calls, and communicating with internal and external teams, including the sales team.

Becoming an integration support engineer


It’s funny how I stumbled upon integration support engineering. Transitioning from consulting, I sought a role that combined technical skills with product management and sales insights.

I saw the requirements, skills, and job expectations of an integration engineer, and it was the right fit for me. I could interact with customers and solve their technical problems in a very hands-on way.

You also have to be willing to listen and understand the problem because people have different use cases for the products. So you can advise them on the best way to integrate and solve their problems.

For example, I’ve absolutely loved working on revamping our documentation structure.

We were previously using Confluence for our documentation, but we were able to spin up the documentation, use the latest technologies and tools to have the documentation that looks good for the brand, thereby, making integration and adoption easier for people.

By transitioning from Confluence to a more modern documentation tool, we improved user experience and ease of integration. This new structure separates the 'what' from the 'how', making it easier for users to find the information they need.

A typical day in my life

My day starts after stand-up. I usually have meetings with merchants who want to integrate us on their platform, reply to emails or integrations, and follow up on new requests on our different channels: Slack, Zendesk, WhatsApp, etc. We are constantly monitoring all those channels and making sure that we are responding and solving problems.


We always have a project we're integrating, so I’m constantly checking in with the stakeholders to get updates and fix anything that needs fixing. If we're deploying a new service, I also work on that - coding, testing, integrating, and troubleshooting issues. 

I also meet with sales teams to understand new developments or any changes on the market side of things, what we're doing, the services we can offer, our fees, and our products. That's what a day looks like—a lot of calls and programming.

Looking ahead, I aim to integrate AI tools to streamline support and enhance customer interaction. Imagine a single channel where users can reach out and get instant, accurate responses – that’s the future we’re working towards.

Want to work in the intersection of engineering, sales and support? We have an opening for you on the Integration Engineering team.

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