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May 31, 2024

4 mins read

#WhatIDo: A day in the life of a Mobile Engineer

by Nathaniel Ogunye

I absolutely love waking up to do the work I do at Moniepoint because I can see how much impact my contribution makes.

When you’re building a bank for use on the go, your work as a Mobile Engineer takes on a larger meaning.

Your job isn’t just adjacent to the company's mission- it is critical to the success of the company and its products. 


I learned about Moniepoint from friends in school and colleagues from work during and after my SIWES. They spoke a lot about Moniepoint (then TeamApt) and how they solve engineering problems. After school, there was a wait period before I was called up for the National Youth Service Corp, and family members encouraged me to start applying for jobs.

That’s when I found an opening for a Flutter Developer, and my Moniepoint journey began.

My work as a Mobile Engineer

Being a mobile engineer involves building software for mobile phones. For us at Moniepoint, this means giving our customers ease of business, access to financial services, and pretty much everything else that allows them to power their financial dreams, all from their mobile phones.

As a Mobile Engineer, I work on developing features that customers need. We're constantly trying to find ways to ease users' experience of the mobile app, so you’ll find me considering many flows with other engineers, answering questions like: What's the best user experience? What's the best way we can implement these features?

I also solve many technical and optimisation problems, such as getting the user into the app as quickly as possible, getting the experience as fast as possible, and having minimal friction whenever they use it. We continually anticipate and fix any problems that users might face, so they can just get into the app and do whatever they love. 

A snapshot of what my day usually looks like

My work starts around eight o'clock. I usually start the day by responding to all my messages. Stand-up starts around 8:30 am and lasts for 30 minutes. I sync with the rest of the mobile engineers. We note the kind of blockers we're facing, and help one another work through them.

After the mobile stand-up, real programming work starts. I work on new features and fix bugs and other issues raised by the QA Engineers or Technical Support Engineers until 4 p.m. After pushing the new internal build, I'll then work with the QA engineer to fix any bugs or issues they discover. 

Recently, we've been doing internal demos with business every other day. At 4:30 pm, we show what we've been working on, doing a full flow from the user component straight down to what users will see in the future.

I’ll never forget when we built the Moniepoint Personal app, which has been the highlight of exciting things I’ve worked on. We had a really short time constraint, and it's still shocking to this day that we could deliver that app in that short timeframe.


Languages and skills required

As a mobile engineer here, Flutter is the major language you need to be good at, but you should have a solid background in native developments, native Android, and native iOS. You should also be able to communicate through channels between Flutter and native services. 

You should also be experienced with other tools to help make your development easy - Firebase and Crashlytics, for example. Writing scripts is also essential because you’d need to write new scripts to build the app or run tests—writing tests, integration tests, unit tests, etc. 

Your data structure and algorithm skills have to be very solid because we do a lot of optimisations, and you'll be dealing with many large datasets.

What I love about working at Moniepoint

I love the way I’ve grown here! You get to meet the best of the best, and also get to work with people from all over the world. 

How you think and solve problems will change, so growth is definitely one of the best things that has happened to me while working with Moniepoint.

I also love seeing our blue POS out there. The products we build are being used by my family and friends, including my mom, and that’s a good feeling.

For fun

I love cooking, so when I want to decompress, I try out new recipes, too. Some turn out well, others not so much, but I enjoy the process of experimenting with food. 

I recently mastered the art of making Amala (a staple swallow food originating from Nigeria). I had to learn to make Amala a lot, because my girlfriend loves it.

Ready to build for the next billion Africans? We have an opening on our Mobile team!

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